Contract Opportunities

We’ve got a lot of talent on our staff, but sometimes we need some outside help. When we do, we’ll issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) or a Notice of Contracting Opportunity (NCO) so that we can find the most qualified person or firm to help us reach our goals.

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More information on the RFP and NCO process...

The RFP or NCO will describe the project or services for which we need some assistance. It will include guidelines for those who wish to submit proposals along with forms for bidders to use to submit required information.

There may a pre-submission conference, which will give potential bidders time to ask any questions they have. If you are thinking of bidding it’s important to attend even if you don’t have a question right now. You may hear an answer to another question that may help you put together your proposal.

Potential bidders can usually submit questions by e-mail as well. All questions and their answers will be posted and shared on this web site.

The Land Bank manages the RFP/NCO process and selects the winning developers.

The Land Bank may also issue RFPs to seek firms to solicit potential buyers and developers for properties.

If you’re bidding, make sure you pay attention to the deadlines. It won’t help if you have a great proposal, but send in your material a month after it’s due.