Next Board Meeting

Next Board Meeting

We are governed by a board of directors appointed by the Mayor and City Council of Philadelphia. Our board meets monthly, generally on the 17th floor of 1234 Market Street in Philadelphia.

We publish board agendas at least 10 days before each scheduled meeting, and welcome public comment on any item that is before the board for approval.

We publish minutes of our board meetings once the board has approved them. You can find minutes from prior meetings on our Board Meeting Information page.

  • Agenda and Board Package for March 9

    Board of Directors Meeting
    March 9, 2017
    3:30 p.m.

    Agenda and Board Package

    1. Roll Call
    2. Public Comment
    3. Approval of Minutes for the Meeting of February 9, 2017
    4. Update on Property Transfers
    5. Confirming the Revised Land Disposition Policy (HELD)
    6. Dispositions

    • 138 W. Thompson Street – BMK Properties, LLC
    • 616 Emily Street – Red Brick Homes, LLC
    • Point Breeze RFP for Workforce Housing – Innova Redevelopment, LLC
      – 1533 Latona Street
      – 1138 S. Sydenham Street
      – 1145 S. Sydenham Street
      – 1153 S. Sydenham Street
      – 1521 Reed Street
      – 1110-1112 S. 20th Street
      – 1118 S. 20th Street
      – 1124 S. 20th Street
      – 2002-2004 Annin Street

    7. Adjournment

    This meeting is open to the public